Amwell Rotary Club
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Great Amwell

Amwell Rotary Club Diary

At present, all of our meetings are held on line unless otherwise indicated. Zoom meetings commence at 7:30 pm

September 7th Social Meeting - Guess the Rotarian (P) Zoom Meeting
Sepember 21st Speaker - David Poultney, Photographer  Zoom Meeting
October 5th Speaker - Colin Williams Zoom Meeting
October 19th Speaker or Social Meeting Zoom Meeting
November 2nd Speaker - David Latham Zoom Meeting
November 16th Speaker - Andrew Sentance Zoom Meeting
November 26th Webinar - District Council  
November 30th Club Council Meeting Zoom Meeting
December 7th Club Business Meeting & SGM Zoom Meeting
December 21st Social Meeting with Partners (P) Zoom Meeting

The following events though are planned for 2021!

March 19th to 21st District Conference - Southampton  
April 18th - 20th 2021 2 Presidents Away Days - Southsea  
May 13th 2021 Visit to Theobalds Farm House Gardens  

(P) Denotes a meeting to which partners and friends are invited.