Amwell Rotary Club
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Our Activities

So, what does a Rotary Club actually do, other than meet on a regular basis?

Broadly speaking, Amwell Rotary Club's activities cover the following categories.

Weekly Meetings

Regular meetings are the glue that binds together all of our activities.

Amwell Rotary Club meet once a week for dinner. The fellowship we enjoy either over a meal or with a beer and a chat, and the friendships that grow from that, reflect in the many and varied service projects we undertake and the other good causes that we support each and every year.

We also enjoy various other events and activities that are purely for fellowship and fun.

If our activities inspire you to want to find out more about membership then do please CONTACT us to arrange to come along to one of our meetings as our guest.

2016 - 2017 President Sheila and President Elect Tennille

Community & Vocational Service

The best known face of Rotary.

This committee provides support for those in need within our communities, sometimes directly and sometimes through other local or national charities.

As well as financial support we do occasionally offer practical assistance.

Read more about our community & vocational service projects HERE

Kids Out Day at Whipsnade Zoo

International Service

Rotary the World Over.

This committee co-ordinates our support for international aid agencies and charities, and also takes on other projects and initiatives in conjunction with other Rotary Clubs around the world.

Read more about our support for international aid and development projects HERE

Bycycle repairs at School No 2 for the Deaf, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Youth Programmes - Youth Services

The Youth of today are the citizens of tomorrow.

Amwell Rotary Club offer advice and support to various youth initiatives in the local area. We also provide a number of Youth Bursaries for local young people who show particular promise in fields such as sport, music or performance arts.

Read more about our support for young people and youth projects HERE

Schools Technology Tournament

The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation is Rotary International's own Charity.

The Foundation's funds are used to promote international goodwill and understanding through a wide range of humanitarian and educational projects.

The funds raised for the Foundation by Amwell Rotary come exclusively from our members own contributions

Read more about the Rotary Foundation HERE

Water wells in Belguan, India


Amwell Rotary Club organise various events throughout the year to raise funds that are then used to support local, national and international good causes.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who supports our activities.

Thank You!

Read more about our fundraising efforts HERE

Santa's Sleigh

Fellowship & Fun

Amwell Rotary Club enjoy a full programme of social events that cater for a wide variety of tastes.

From activities designed to raise funds all the way through to events held purely for fun Amwell Rotarians meet regularly outside of our weekly meetings to have fun and enjoy fellowship.

Read more about our fellowship and fun activities HERE

Guide tour of Buxton