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Paul Harriis Fellowship  Awards presentation

Paul Harris Fellowship Awards - Service Above Self

Outstanding service to the Community deserves to be recognised.

Named after our founder, the Paul Harris Fellowship award marks outstanding service to Rotary or to the community and the club makes a donation to the Rotary Foundation in recognition of each award presented.

Paul Harris Fellowships have been awarded to several Amwell Rotary Club members over the years and we have also honoured a select few non Rotarians for their outstanding service to their local communities.

Here is a list of the people who have been awarded Paul Harris Fellowships by Amwell Rotary Club. Rotarians and Non Rotarians, the famous and the less well known, these people all have one thing in common - a commitment to service

Four of those listed have been recognised more than once, being presented with Sapphire awards to mark truly exceptional service to Rotary and the community.

Rtn Brian Walsh
Rtn Vic Knowles
Nicky Chaperlin
Debs Bonfield

Rtn Frank Foster RIP

Rtn G. Williamson RIP

Rtn Graham Dixon RIP

Rtn Nigel Knott RIP

George Sandell

Rtn Deryck Rhodes

Rtn Mike Fagan - SAPPHIRE

Rtn Derek Adams

Rtn Anthony Phillips RIP

Rtn Glynn Parry

Rachel Threlfall

Jean Cooper

Rtn Robert Willacy

Ian Wolff

Harry Robertson

Ian Cutts

Keith Jennings

Beryl Collings RIP

Rtn Trevor Williams - SAPPHIRE

Rtn Richard Threlfall - SAPPHIRE

Diana Chiriacescu

Captain Stan Platt

Rtn John Matthews RIP

Rtn Ian Holliday

Rtn Graham Klinkert

Rtn Sheila Grimmant

Rtn Brian Walsh

 Julian Williamson

Rtn Paul Manning - SAPPHIRE

Lord Stevens

Rtn David House RIP

Richard Thomas

Rtn Roger Withers RIP

Lynda Brown

Rtn Vernon Benjafield

Rtn Alan Phelps

June Crew

Rtn Brenda Lowe

Rtn Martin Hale

Rtn Ken Edmonds

Nicky Chaperlin


Rtn Vic Knowles -SAPPHIRE

Rtn Maurice Powell

Rtn Ernie Cox

Rtn Colin Copley RIP

Rtn Roger Williams

Rtn George Wallace

Rtn Gwyn Marson

Rtn Colin Straker

Rtn George Hill

Rtn Stephen Lowe RIP

Rtn Michael Cooper

Rtn Andrew Willson

Deborah Bonfield


Rtn Andrew Willson
Rtn Sheila Grimmant
Rtn Ken Edmonds
Rtn Trevor Williams